Security Architect

Remote Position


Security Architect


  • Provide security guidance for any IT projects.
  • Conducting regular system tests and ensuring continuous monitoring of IT  security.
  • Developing and guiding security specific project timelines.
  • Developing, reviewing, and approving the security requirements for all      applications and systems including servers, endpoints and network devices.
  • Researching and designing public key infrastructures, certification      authorities, and digital signatures, and ensuring all personnel have IT  access limited to their need and role in the organization.
  • Monitoring and guiding the security team, cultivating a sense of security awareness, and arranging for continuous education.
  • Review vulnerability scan results and vendor alerts. Oversee patch management process.
  • Direct and oversee Security Engineers and Analysts in their duties and      responsibilities
  • A thorough understanding of technology and IT systems.
  • Promptly responding to all security incidents and providing thorough post-event analyses
  • Planning, researching, and designing security architectures.
  • Reviewing current system security measures and recommending and implementing  enhancements.

Minimum Education 

Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Information Systems or related field. 

Minimum Experience 

  • 10+ years’ work  experience in related health care business or IT position. 
  • 8+  years’ experience with IT Security technologies. 

Required Skills 

  • Experience  with Network, Server and End Use Device Security Technologies. 
  • Possess  strong personnel management skills. 
  • Possess  the ability to effectively prioritize of tasks, projects, etc. in a      dynamic environment. 
  • Possess  strong analytical skills with knowledge of network and security software and tools. 
  • Extensive experience in information security and/or IT risk management with a focus  on security, performance and reliability
  • Solid understanding of security protocols, cryptography, authentication, authorization and security
  • Good working knowledge of current IT risks and experience implementing security      solutions
  • Experience implementing multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, identity  management or related technologies